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research Anesthesia accessories Large tank Oxygen Pressure Regulator
This medical oxygen regulator is preset to 50 PSI for ideal use with a veterinary anesthesia machine and may be used on large oxygen tanks such as H or K tanks. A male DISS-F connector allows easy connection to any O2 hose equipped with a DISS-F connector.
A508 Pressure Regulator $95.00

research Anesthesia accessories E -Tank Oxygen Pressure Regulator
This medical oxygen regulator is preset to 50 and equipped with a CGA-870 E- tank yoke for use with small oxygen tanks. A male DISS-F connector allows easy connection to any O2 hose equipped with a DISS-F connector.
MR-870-P Small Tank Oxygen Regulator $90.00

research Anesthesia machine Ohmeda Oxygen Quick-Connects
These versatile connectors allow an anesthesia machine equipped with a male Quick-connect, fast access to an oxygen source via ohmeda female quick-connects. Female connectors shut off the flow of oxygen unless connected to a male, and may be used for ceiling drops,etc. Custom lengths of green high-pressure O2 hose may be ordered by the foot and fitted with the connectors of your choice. DISS-F "screw-on" connectors are available to attach a short hose with male Quick-connect to the anesthesia machine.
34020 Ohmeda Male Quick-Connect $38.00
34020F Ohmeda Female Quick-Connect $48.00
25000 Oxygen Hose Per/Foot $2.60
24240 DISS Female threaded Connector $9.00

research Anesthesia machine Chemetron Oxygen Quick-Connects
These Quick-Connects offer an economical alternative to Ohmeda connectors allowing anesthesia machines equipped with a male Chemetron brand Quick-connect, fast access to an oxygen source equipped with Chemetron female quick-connects. Female connectors shut off the flow of oxygen unless connected to a male. Custom lengths of green high-pressure O2 hose may be ordered by the foot and fitted with the connectors of your choice. * DISS-F "screw-on" connectors are also available for connection to anesthesia machine flowmeter or to tank regulator.
34010 Chemetron Male Quick-Connect $38.00
34010F Chemetron Female Quick-Connect $48.00
25000 Oxygen Hose Per/Foot $2.60
24240 DISS Female threaded Connector $9.00

Oxygen Cylinders Oxygen Cylinders
Model # Description Specifications Price
PX-8703-1T E Cylinder 25"x 4.5" / 679 Liters/ 7.3 lbs / 2015psi / Toggle valve $72.00
PX-8702-1T D Cylinder 16"x 4.5" / 425 Liters / 5.1 lbs / 2015psi / Toggle valve $69.00
PX-8701-1T M9-C Cylinder 10.5"x 4.5" / 246 Liters / 3.6 lbs / 2015psi / Toggle valve $66.00
*NOTE: Cylinders are shipped empty.
*Add suffix -1W to substitute a wrench in place of toggle valve.

Oxygen Cylinder Cart Oxygen Cylinder Cart
Height adjustable cart accepts both E and D cylinders.
PX-1020 Cylinder Cart $34.00
PX-1020-E Cylinder Cart with E Cylinder $100.00

Cylinder Floor Stand Cylinder Floor Stand
Floor base holds C, D, or E cylinders.
MCS Cylinder floor stand $34.00

Rodent Non-Rebreathing Circuit with Nose Cone
Click to Enlarge
Rodent Non-Rebreathing Circuit with Nose Cone
This acrylic manifold allows the position of the inside gas supply tube to be adjusted for any size rat or mouse, reducing dead-space and preventing CO2 build up. The nose gasket can be customized to fit any shape and the evacuation end accepts both 19mm & 22mm hosing. Includes 25 replaceable diaphragms.
Model ARES500 Rodent Non-Rebreathing Circuit with Nose Cone $62.00
Model ARES505 Waste Gas interface to connect RES500 to medical vacuum outlets. $42.00

Rodent Non-Rebreathing Circuit RES505 Waste Gas Interface
This Waste Gas Interface connects the RES500 (see above) to medical suction or WAGD outlets. The evacuation end of the RES500 non-rebreathing circuit fits directly into the interface and a convenient dial allows you to adjust the suction flow rate to prevent excessive negative pressure from your active evacuation or suction system.
Model ARES505 Waste Gas interface to connect RES500 to medical vacuum outlets. $42.00

research Anesthesia Masks Small Animal Anesthesia Masks
Plastic anesthesia masks are available in a broad range of patients including large rodents, cats, dogs, and exotics. The masks feature a 15mm connector, clear cone for full visualization and a highly flexible, replaceable rubber diaphragm to help provide a leak-free fit.
Item 93805027 Small feline 1-3/4" OD x 7/8" ID x 15/16"L $49.00
Item 93805028 Medium feline 2-1/4" OD x 1-3/16" ID x 1-1/8"L $49.00
Item 93805029 Large feline 2-3/8" OD x 1-5/16" ID x 1-3/8"L $49.00
Item 93815026 Small Canine 3-7/16" OD x 1-3/16" ID x 2-7/8"L $54.00
Item 93815028 Large Canine 5-1/8" OD x 2-1/8" ID x 4-3/4"L $54.00
Item 91815014-18 Replacement Diaphragms (Specify size) $33.00

research Anesthesia accessories Anesthetic Manifolds with Multiple Ports
These Manifolds permit multiple surgeries to be conducted on rodents while only using one vaporizer. One side of the Manifold directs the delivery of fresh gas while the other side directs the waste gas collection. Stopcocks, available separately, may be added to the circuit for increased control over the gas flow. Two stopcocks are required for each set of ports. EXAMPLE: An M-6 could be for 1 Induction chamber and 2 masks.
Model M4 Manifold with 4 Ports for 2 Anesthetic Devices $230.00
Model M6 Manifold with 6 Ports for 3 Anesthetic Devices $290.00
Model M8 Manifold with 8 Ports for 4 Anesthetic Devices $340.00
Model M10 Manifold with 10 Ports for 5 Anesthetic Devices $390.00
Model M12 Manifold with 12 Ports for 6 Anesthetic Devices $450.00
Model SC2 Stopcock for use with Manifolds, pkg. of 2 $65.00

research Anesthesia accessories

research Anesthesia accessories

research Anesthesia accessories COAX-3THV
COAX Breathing Device
This COAX breathing device is a precisely machined Delrin apparatus which maintains the surgical plane on rodents, Guinea Pigs, and birds. The fresh anesthetic gas enters the side port and then passes to the nose cone. At this point the anesthetic gas is mixed with the patient’s respiration and then passes out through a ball check valve to the gas outlet for scavenging. The positive pressure from the oxygen source and the patient’s respiration lifts a precision ball valve for scavenging. A #10 balloon acts as a diaphragm or breathing bag. Available as free standing or can be mounted to a tabletop surgical board w/metal strips to hold heating pads, and tie-down posts. Includes two masks and tubing.
Model COAX-3 Plastic COAX (MRI safe) $500.00
Model COAX-3T Plastic COAX w/table-top $810.00
Model COAX-3TH Plastic COAX w/ heated table-top $960.00
Model COAX-3THV Plastic COAX w/ heated & vented table-top $990.00
Model VM-33 Replacement diaphragms $35.00

research Anesthesia accessories Rodent Anesthesia Masks for COAX
These Anesthesia Masks were designed with smaller animals in mind. They have a simple cylindrical shape with a rubber diaphragm. A small slit is cut in the diaphragm to accommodate the animal’s snout or beak. The opposite end tapers down to a standard press fitting port measuring 15.3 mm OD x 11.9 mm ID. These Masks can be used with bain circuits, non-rebreathing systems, or ‘Y’ pieces. Includes 1 diaphragm.
Model 598254 Mouse Anesthesia Mask $36.00
Model 598255 Rat, Guinea Pig and Bird Anesthesia Mask $36.00
Model 723923 Replacement Diaphragms, pkg. of 10 $20.00

research Anesthesia accessories Gas Anesthesia Mask for Stereotaxic
Designed for mice or rats in a Stereotaxic Instrument. The Gas Adaptors for Stereotaxic instruments, enable gas anesthesia of rats or mice in a Lab Standard™ or other stereotaxic instrument, without exposing the researcher to the gas. The Gas Anesthesia mask is installed by removing the nose clamp from the standard rat adaptor, and sliding the adaptor over the incisor bar, with the cone opening toward the open "U". The animal (rat or mouse) is installed by placing its teeth over the incisor bar, and sliding the adaptor forward until the cone is snug about the animal's nose, thereby substituting for the nose clamp. The teeth and the cone provide a snug, stable hold. Anesthetic gas flows in the tubing connector, past the animal's nose, and out the other side, where it may be routed to recycling, exhaust, or gas analysis instruments.
Model 51609 Gas Anesthesia Mask, Mouse -Pictured at left $239.00
Model 51610 Gas Anesthesia Mask, Rat -Pictured at right (Rat Adapter not included) $239.00


Acrylic Small Animal Induction Chambers
  • Available in 18.5 Liter, 5.25 Liter, and 1.5 Liter sizes (Approximate)
  • Constructed of .22" (5.6mm) impact resistant acrylic
  • Inlet port accept 22mm breathing tube or 15mm connector
  • Outlet port accept standard 19mm scavenging tube or 15mm connector
  • Sliding self-locking top has stops to prevent unintentional lid removal
  • Scratch resistant feet
  • Includes hook-up kit to connect to system
Model 93805106 1.5 Liter (7.5"L x 5.5"W x 4"H) $285.00
Model 93805107 5.2 Liter (11"L x 5.75"W x 7"H) $299.00
Model 93800038 18.5 Liter (16"L x 8"W x 10.5"H) $315.00

Rodent Induction Chamber
  • Manufactured of strong shatter resistant plastic (not brittle acrylic)
  • Air tight silicone seal with locking top
  • Will not crack with chemical exposure
  • High temperature plastic can be autoclaved
  • Includes 15mm female inlet and 22mm male waste gas outlet
  • Optional 19mm ports available
Model: RES644 3 Liter Induction Chamber 6"x8"x4"
For Mice & Small Rodents
Model: RES645 5 Liter Induction Chamber 9"x8"x4"
For Mice & Rats
Model: RES646 7 Liter Induction Chamber 12"x8"x4"
For Rats & Large Rodents

research Anesthesia accessories
Anesthesia Induction Chamber
  • Manufactured of strong shatter resistant plastic (not brittle acrylic).
  • Tight sealing lid for increased staff safety and prevention of gas loss.
  • Removable chamber dividers accommodate different size animals.
  • Strong bolt on hinges - No more broken glue-on hinges.
  • Good visibility for monitoring patients during induction.
  • "A Better Quality Rugged Unit"
Model 912-013 SMALL (16"L x 7"W x 7 1/2"H) $370.00
Model 912-014 MEDIUM (21"L x 7"W x 7 1/2"H) $400.00
Model 912-015 LARGE (23"L x 9"W x 9"H) $440.00

research Anesthesia accessories Induction Cylinder
This clear and durable acrylic induction chamber features an elevated floor and rounded sides for easy cleaning. Fresh anesthetic gas from enters a barbed fitting and is directed to the bottom of the chamber and out the opposite fitting. Stainless steel false floor and 10' blue tubing provided. Accepts tubing from 1/4" - 3/8" inner dimension.
Model IC6X4 Inner Dimension: 5.25" W x 3.5" H. Overall Dimensions: 7" W x 7" H. $350.00
Model IC8X8 Inner Dimension: 7.5" W x 8" H. Overall Dimensions: 11" W x 12" H. $400.00

Waste Gas Evacuation Fan
OSHA compliant method for removing anesthesia waste gas to outside air. Ultra-quiet, high quality American made ball bearing motor has five times the life span of a regular bearing motor and uses less electricity. Includes built-in circuit breaker, hour meter, stainless steel enclosure, mounting brackets, and 5 year or 10,000 hour warranty. No balancing outlets are required - Uses model EVC680 outlets and standard scavenger interface valves.
  • Capacity: 1-30 anesthesia machines.
  • Inlet/outlet: 2" PVC or ABS Pipe
  • Electrical: 115V, 50-60Hz (Full load amps 3.0)
  • Compliance: UL recognized US & Canada, Certified to UL-507 standards from TUV-SUD America inc. Certified for US & Canada.
EVC3000 Waste Gas Evacuation Fan $635.00

research Anesthesia accessories F/AIR Scavenger System
This economical and practical passive scavenger system incorporates replaceable filter cartridges to absorb waste gases. Activated charcoal filter absorbs 125% of its own weight. Kit includes one cartridge, scavenger hose, Pop-off connection adapters, and cartridge holder bracket.
80000 F/AIR KIT $21.00
80120 Replacement cartridge $7.80
80120P Carton of 8 Replacement cartridges $60.00

research Anesthesia accessories Veterinary Anesthesia Waste Gas Interface
A waste gas interface device must be used to reduce negative pressure (vacuum) if you are using central medical suction as a gas scavenger system. By balancing pressures between the anesthesia machine and the active evacuation, this device eliminates the possibility of having a "light" patient due to excess negative pressure. An optional flowmeter eliminates the need for a separate vacuum regulator. Includes 20 feet of 22 mm clear tubing, 4 feet of 19 mm tubing, and mounting hardware. 5 year warranty.
A630 Waste Gas Interface (Pictured) $219.00
A629 Waste Gas Interface with Vacuum Flowmeter $265.00

Vacuum/Scavenging Interface w/ Back-up
  • Allows central suction system to be used for veterinary anesthetic gas scavenging by precisely controlling flow-rate between 1 and 10 Lpm ( visually verifiable at any time).
  • In the event of vacuum system failure, the anesthetics (not N2O) in the waste gases are filtered by a back-up activated charcoal filter prior to exhausting into the room and the reservoir bag will not over distend.
  • Scavenging connections accommodate 19 and 22mm tubes.
  • Available with adapters for medical gas wall mount outlets, pole mount, and ceiling drop mount configurations, including suction (vacuum) or EVAC, DISS, Ohmeda, Chemetron, Schrader or Puritan style quick connects and hose barbs.
000a3463 Central vacuum / Scavenger Interface $465.00

Waste gas scavenging outlet
These versatile scavenger outlets can be used in wall or ceiling and accept both 19mm & 22mm diameter scavenger hoses. Includes wall/ceiling rough in box, 19/22 mm tubing nipple and wall cover trim plate. Designed for scavenger systems using 2" PVC pipe reducing to ½" diameter PVC.
EVC680 Evacuation Wall/Ceiling Outlet $49.00

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GasVak Multi-Station Gas Scavenger System
This active scavenger unit removes waste anesthetic gases from the pop-off valve on anesthetic machines or from the end of a non-rebreathing circuit. Atmospheric equalizers adapt each anesthesia machine to an evacuation hose which can be routed to either a ceiling or wall outlet w/balancing valve. The waste gas is then vented outside the clinic via 1 ½" or 2" PVC pipe and a vacuum fan. An additional balancing valve and atmospheric equalizer is required for each additional anesthesia location.
Model J-302 Two-station GasVak Unit
(Includes two ceiling balancing valves & two atmospheric equalizers)
Model J-302D2 Ceiling Outlet w/Balancing Valve $160.00
Model J-302D2W Wall Outlet w/Balancing Valve $223.00
Model J-302D1 Atmospheric Equalizer (attaches to anesthesia machine) $213.00

Rodent WorkStand

The Rodent WorkStand has been developed in collaboration with George A Vogler, D.V.M., DACLAM of Saint Louis University Medical School Department of Comparative Medicine for the express purpose of facilitating various procedures required of today's laboratory technicians. The Rodent WorkStand is designed to support rats, mice and similar small rodents in a stable and comfortable position for the technician during endotracheal intubation and intratracheal dose instillation and other similar procedures.
Model a3467 Rodent WorkStand $459.00

Mouse and Rat Intubation Packs

For use in conjunction with anesthesia intubation with the Rodent WorkStand. Each pack is designed to hold all the tools and supplies needed to perform quick, efficient and minimally traumatic orotracheal intubation of small rodents. The Intubation Packs come with a specially designed and molded, autoclavable intubation speculum, a lidocaine applicator, an endotracheal tube guide wire, an incisor loop and a brief video tutorial of how to perform the intubations. In addition the Rat Pack contains scissors, umbilical tape, and a mirror for the verification of tracheal intubation and the Mouse pack includes two sizes of mouse endotracheal tubes. Packaged neatly and conveniently in a 13" x 8" x 2" polypropylene organizer box with each compartment labeled for contents, reordering information and what the part is used for it can be stored most anywhere and always be ready for use. (NOTE:Both these packs are less the otoscope as there are three approved models to choose from.)
Model a3747 Mouse Intubation Pack $256.00
Model a3746 Rat Intubation Pack $327.00

Model 201a3353 ET Tube 1.27 OD Pack/5 - Blue $33.00
Model 201a3354 ET Tube 1.22 OD Pack/5 - Orange $33.00
Model 201a3491 ET tube Introducer $49.00
Model 201a3589 Mouse specula $40.00
Model 201a3588 Rat specula $40.00

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