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Ultra-8 Vari-Speed
The ULTRA-8 centrifuge can be used for plasma, serum, urine, and veterinary fecals.8-PLACE ROTOR can hold up to 8- 2ML through 15ML tubes & Variable speed is adjustable up to 3200 RPM. Includes Safety-lid & Timer. One year warranty.
  • Advantages
    Spins test tubes from 3ml-15ml
    Affordable fixed or variable speed units
    Ideal for blood, urine, and other fluids
    Quiet, vibration-free operation
  • Design Features
    Eight test tube capacity
    Suction cup feet to prevent slipping
    Impact-resistant, safe-view lid
    Maintenance-free brushless motor (220V motor contains brushes)
    Safety shut-off switch in lid
    Locking lid
  • Specifications
    3,300 rpm fixed or variable speed
    Nominal RCF=1,327g
    110V AC (220V available)
  • Controls: On/off switch w/ Auto-off 30 minute timer with bell
  • Includes
    Eight-place tube rotor
    Eight 15ml tube sleeves (TS-15ml)
    Eight 13x75mm tube sleeve inserts (TS-1375)
  • One Year Warranty on materials and workmanship
  • Dimensions: Height: 10.5" (266mm), Width: 13" (330mm), Depth: 13" (330 mm), Weight: 15.5 lbs (7kg)
Model PS-LWU8S 8 4-Speed Selectable $460.00

E-8 Centrifuge
This 8-place centrifuge is an economical fixed speed centrifuge that accommodates most test tubes from 3ml-15ml. The wide stance eliminates wobble, while the suction-cupped feet prevent slipping. Features include a 110V maintenance free brushless motor, auto-off 30 minute timer, blue LED power indicator light, and One Year Warranty. Dimensions: 10” x 10” x 10”. Wt: 11 lbs.
MODEL LW-E8F Fixed Speed Centrifuge $225.00
MODEL LW-E8V Variable Speed Centrifuge $299.00

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