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Anesthesia WorkStation
AWS: the solution for meeting the ventilator needs of pocket pets, avian, exotics, and lab animal applications:
A compact (9" W x 9" D x 15" H), convenient system for use on animals under 7 kg (15 lb.) In clinical trials the AWS is being used for long term anesthetic procedures on 150-400gm rodents. The AWS has been shown to be effective with the induction, stabilization, and maintenance of patients for neurophysiological testing using inhalant anesthetics for daily 8 to 12-hour procedures. Using the AWS, rats under isoflurane anesthesia have been subject to extended electrophysiological recordings of cortical responses. Throughout these procedures the AWS has been shown to facilitate the administration of anesthetics, holding the subject in a very smooth, controllable anesthetic plane, as well as providing precise respiratory control. Other successful preliminary clinical trials using the AWS have included anesthetic procedures on a number of mammalian (rabbit and woodchuck) and avian (crow, Cooper’s hawk, duck, Canada goose) species. The Anesthesia WorkStation is easy to use as BOTH a basic respirator (irrespective of anesthetic regime) and delivery source for inhalant anesthetics. It incorporates a time-cycled volume ventilator with an adjustable pressure safety limit. The only additional component necessary for immediate utilization is a vaporizer for the agent of your choice.
Model 000a2770 Anesthesia WorkStation (NOTE: Vaporizer not included) $5,363.00
Anesthesia WorkStation 200ml Attachment
Doubles the maximum tidal volume (TV) deliverable from your Anesthesia WorkStation.Patients upwards of 30lb. can now be anesthetized and/or ventilated with the Anesthesia WorkStation.
Model a3393 AWS 200ml Attachment $450.00

Model 2000 and 2002 VENTILATORS
Electronically controlled, time-cycled, pressure limited ventilators.

Electronic control-- Eliminates the substantial driving gas required to operate pneumatically controlled ventilators.

Time cycled-- Insures consistently spaced breaths. The possibility of stacking breaths or auto-PEEP is eliminated by keeping the I:E ratio constant at 1:2. This means that regardless of the respiratory rate setting two-thirds of each breath will remain for expiration. The respiratory rate is adjustable from 6 - 40 breaths per minute (BPM).
Volume constant -- Insures that each delivered breath will have essentially the same volume, independent of changes in patient compliance and airway resistance. The deliverable tidal volume (TV) range is from approximately 20ml to 3,000ml using 3 interchangeable bellows and bellows housings as seen here. Most small animal facilities require only the small bellows attachment , seen at the left, with the standard size ventilator, center.

Pressure Limited-- Provides for patient safety by limiting the maximum working pressure (MWPL) to a user adjustable pressure range of 10 - 60 cm H2O.

The Model 2002 was introduced after numerous customer requests for a finer volume adjustment at the low end of the range. We added a finer volume control in parallel with the existing control on the Model 2000. Everything else about the Model 2002 is identical to the Model 2000.

Both ventilators are equipped with dual airway pressure alarms that monitor and sound when the peak inspiratory pressure (PIP) of any breath either exceeds the preset maximum working pressure limit (MWPL) or fails to reach 6 cm H2O as in the case of a disconnect .

A Low Supply Gas Alarm available as an option, would sound when the supply gas pressure falls below 35 psi, 2.4bar. The normal supply gas operating pressure is 50psi or 3.5bar. It is not until 35psi or 2.4bar that the ventilators delivered volume will begin to drop off proportionally with the supply pressure.
* NOTE: Above units include 0-300 ml bellows, housing and adapter.
Optional 300 -1600 ml bellows kit is priced at $350.00

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